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Thread: Verizon Free International Texting- Experiences requested !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz - Aruba Lover View Post
    Even though you worded your question carefully to Verizon chat, they gave you the wrong info. It shows on Verizon website. that texting is free FROM the U.S. to International countries; it is NOT free from International countries to the U.S.

    The $25.00 data plan you had in the past was for logging on to the internet for e-mail, maps, social media; but it was not for texting. Texting with Verizon without WI-FI is .50 cents for outgoing texts and .05 cents for incoming texts. For free texts and going on the internet you have to be on Wi-Fi. Either you buy a Wi-Fi package from where you are staying (unless they have free Wi-Fi) or get MIO. With MIO you can be almost anywhere on the island and get on the internet, email and I-message with I-phone.

    If you need to make phone calls to the U.S. download the Magic Jack app. The phone call is free. You need to be on WI-FI to make the call.
    Can you only use Magic Jack with other Magic Jack users? We are bringing our kids and one is 14 and even if she just runs to the resort store I'll want her to have her cell phone with her. Would you tell me if I have this right...turn off Data in Boston, turn on Airplane Mode, turn on wifi in Aruba and use Magic Jack to make calls? Oh wait, from what I hear my resort has spotty wifi at best. Maybe buy sim cards in Aruba instead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradrobster View Post
    Thanks your understanding is that all inocoming texts from the US will be oK....but outgoing from Aruba should only be done via WIFI....which should be doable while we are on the Marriott Property or other WIFI hotspots. ...
    I was only in Aruba once after I got my I-phone. I didn't text; I only used Magic Jack for free phone calls to the U.S. while on Wi-Fi (I have MIO for wi-fi). I was confused about your question so I called Verizon customer service. He said it does not matter if you are on Wi-Fi, that texts goes through on "voice" not as data. Phone calls are $1.99 a minute. When in Aruba you can text back and forth family/friends with you in Aruba or text back to the U.S. but that you have to pay .50 cents for outgoing texts and .05 incoming texts.

    He said that the phone does NOT have to be put on airplane mode. Only to turn off cellular data (which is best to do before you get on the plane so you don't forget when you arrive in to Aruba). On my I-phone 4S when I put it on airplane mode it automatically turns off cellular data. In settings click on Cellular. Roaming - Voice should only be on.

    He gave me a phone # for Global Tech Supper if ever needed when out of the country. I asked doesn't cellular data have to be turned on. I was told the call is free because it goes over Voice not data. The # is 908 559-4899.

    Updated: I contacted Global Tech this afternoon to confirm that I was told by Verizon customer service about texting when out of the country. To text on your phone Airplane mode has to be on and Cellular data off. Also if you need to call Global Tech Support if needed don't turn on airplane mode, only have cellular data off. With Airplane mode not turned on if you receive a phone call the call is $1.99 a minute but only if you answer the call.

    I was also told by Global Tech Support if you have a I-phone 4S or later the phone can be unlocked. You would have to call Verizon to unlock your phone. Meaning you can get a Sims card in Aruba from Setar or Digicel. They have booths in the lobby at the airport besides offices on the island.

    If you have any other questions, let me know.
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    Thanks for all the info Liz ! I have just decided to purchase a couple cheap unlocked quad band gsm phones off of Amazon and will just get a couple sims with some time when we get to the island. We did this for one of my old quad band phones before it broke after the last trip. ...and here I had hope that Verizon was adding real value to my already high contract....silly me! I think this will work better anyway, we can use the min to keep up with the kids who are going with us and also touch base with relatives back in the states and be reachable most of the time. Last time I also bought the $25/100MB Global data plan....and within the first hour I started getting warnings so I just turned off my primary phone and got a sim for the gsm one...Later after coming home ..the verizon rep told me that those were I demanded my $25 refund on my account since he could clearly see I didn't use it...and they gave it to me.
    All in all, I think picking up the local sim with some minutes and just using your primary phone with cell data off and on wifi is probably the best option.

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