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    My Google phone also worked well including Google maps (GPS application)

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    yup we used our verizon phone last year.... no issues!

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    is it $1.99 per minute ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danny&lynne View Post
    is it $1.99 per minute ?

    yep, and it's 50c to send text and 25 to receive - i think.

    for bb, you need the international data plan activated - $2/day or something.

    For blackberries:
    once you're in aruba, you can simply go to options/mobile network/ and change the "network technology" to GSM/UMTS.

    i guess you can pull the batteries and have it pick up the connection automatically, but i've always been unsuccessful at that. i had to always manually change it by myself.

    also, while the data connection is pretty much awesome, the voice calls are unreliable - at least when i was there last year. hopefully, as other have reported here, things have changed.

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    I have a question, AT&T is offering a $24.99 20MB International deal. They say it's for netowrking, texting, email, etc. But being not very savvy on the MB's, what does 20MB really mean and is it worth it?

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