From the dutch amigoe. This is translated from dutch,
so excuse some of the choppy english. This is the new
development next to Gianni's and the Hard Rock.

ORANGE CITY - Barely one year after the opening of the shopping and entertainment center, The Village at Palm Beach this is now for sale. This has Amigoe heard from various sources. The family Neme whose principal shareholder of The Village, was unavailable for comment.

by our reporter
Alex Lacle

The reason for selling is not known, but entrepreneurs in the area do show that the center attracts little public. Association of Catering Manager Evert Gerard's Wine and Dine, which include the Chino Latino restaurant and Cactus Jack covered, confirms that the Village for sale. These are catering businesses in the Village and especially Chino Latino at the start it took a lot going public. That is a lot less.
According to Gerard's sale will not have a direct impact on restaurants. "We have long-term leases. I think in five years with a unilateral option for another five years. "A new owner with the same contracts to make, he explains. "So we will change nothing."
Moreover let Gerard request that their restaurant Cactus Jack also for sale. "We have already had a long time negotiating with Harmen Gieske. The talks are at an advanced stage. "Gieske is a renowned chef cook-which includes career was at the Renaissance Hotel. The reason for the divestment of Cactus Jack Gerard is in the fact that the restaurant currently too many demands attention but too little advantage. Gerard also like Chino Latino also downsize to cut costs. It all goes lower, according to the horecaman more to do with the large number of companies that opens. "We had more trouble than the economic recession."

Chino Latino is opposite the property since the opening of The Village partially empty.
The owner of the entertainment center is subject reportedly at an advanced stage of negotiation with Grupo Anderson. This is the Mexican parent company of Seņor Frog's and entertainment venues and Carlos and Charlie's. The company would be interested in a little Carlos and Charlie's restaurant to put down. The high price would be a stumbling block.
By Niels Stooter, manager of Taste of Belgium, is also known that the Village for sale. Taste of Belgium has several restaurants including The Village Papillon that is. This restaurant is good, however. Stooter is said to note that the other issues standing in the sale of shopping and entertainment district is less.