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    Walking Across Hot "Coal"

    This was taken from one of the Aruba online newspapers. (ora 24)
    I cannot read it of course, but was able to pick out a few words.
    (initially i thought it was some type of a bus accident and also something to do with people being burned by hot coal)
    I sent the article on to an Aruban friend and she confirmed..........these folks, from Colombia, visiting Aruba, were burned by walking across hot/lit carbon (coal? or charcoal?) and it was a bus that transported them to the hospital for medical attention.
    The photo of the bus with the people's feet up on the headrests was the picture that at first really confused me, but now i say..............well, i am not going to say anything. I just cannot find the words. I cannot even find the appropriate smilie.

    Also, I am posting this in the GENERAL category.
    I felt it inappropriate to post in the ACTIVITIES category of FAMILY VACATIONS category. (yes that was sarcasm)

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    I, also, Andrea, cannot understand the motivation for people walking on hot coals/charcoal or whatever. There is an old saying, I hope this is not offensive to anyone..."It takes all kinds."


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    Any Aruba beach...
    The comments to the article were priceless!

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