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Thread: Want to go back

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    Kicking back and relaxing for two weeks, on the beach.. Jewelry Shopping and the Alhambra...........

    Room #


    When I book my Vacation they ask me if I have a preference for a room, I like to be way down in 1900-2100 near the Bunker Bar and I always feel like Im getting my walks in during the day and night. The best way for your room is to Email the reservations department at the Tamarijn and let them know a day in advance that you will be coming and what building you would like.. Their are always people ahead of us that would like to be there to, so Email before they get there... Good Luck.. When are you going?

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Quote Originally Posted by beckybnott View Post
    When are you going?
    Thanks! We'll be there June 17 - 29.

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