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    When I'm at the grocery store I usually tell the people buying water how unnecessary it is - the other day, though, these 2 American women shoved an elderly woman as I heard them saying they needed to buy water - I let them!
    I was reading an article that said you should drink lukewarm water after your meal so I just fill up from the tap each a.m.

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    Thank you, all! That's very helpful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Love Aruba View Post
    The first time I washed my hair in Aruba, I used as much shampoo that I do here at home, and I thought I would NEVER get all that out of my hair. LOL Now I know why.
    Yup! My skin has been so dry since we got home, I hate it. Dh tried to tell me it was putting all that suntan lotion on so I did that for a week just to prove to him it's the water!

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    Just another reason I love Aruba! No water worries. I think of the water just like I do at home. Enjoy!
    Next Aruba trip in

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