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    We have arrived + DIMAS

    We arrived late Monday due to flights being over booked because of the storm.

    We printed off our E tickets ahead of time as well as prepaid for our luggage.
    So when we checked in there was no questions re the 30 day situation with the Airline.

    When we arrived in Aruba and handed in our 'Visitors' card stating the length of stay. Over the 30 days DIMAS states. There was not a problem. Everything was stamped and off we went.

    I did have copies off all necessary information if requested. But it was not necessary.

    All is well and the beach is fantastic here at the Amsterdam Manor.

    I did use SKYPE to phone our Credit Card Company in Canada to sort out a minor problem. It all worked out great. A 20 minute phone call for FREE to a 1-800 number.

    Now to relax and report back in a few days.
    Eagle Beach Boy
    Ontario, Canada

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    EBB...have a great time, enjoy all the wonderful people, food, and sun ! Did you bring your dogs?

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    See you on the beach soon. Can't wait to see you, Nancy & Max.

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    did max lay down and kiss the warm aruba sand and say "thank you mom and dad for taking me away from the frigid north country and bringing me here to Aruba?"

    and glad that the DIMAS thing was easy.

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    Oh do I miss hasn't been over 25 degrees in a few days. Last week we were floating in Eagle Beach and soaking up sun, today we are putting on scarfs and gloves. Just wanted to add that Skype worked out great for us. We were able to call home as often as we liked and spent under $5.00. Much cheaper than using the cellphone.

    Enjoy your trip and have a Balashi for us!

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