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    Weather related cancellations/rescheduled ?

    Well, the storm is over, the clean up well underway.

    Were your Aruba plans impacted by this storm?

    Were you in Aruba and could not get home? We'd like to hear what you were able to do for accommodations to extend your stay and when your airlines will be able to get you home.

    Were you at home and your flight to Aruba cancelled? When will you be able to get out? Here's hoping that it will be easy and your vacation will be able to be extended on the other end.

    Let us know your story please!

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    I'm not supposed to go down until Friday. Right now, there is a possibility of several more inches by Friday, which is when we leave. If our plane leaves late, we will miss our connection. So now,we play the waiting game. We've missed flights to Aruba before due to snow, and we've been stuck in Aruba because of snow (although, I don't really consider staying later in paradise being stuck). It is a lot more fun being stuck on the Aruba side than missing part of your vacation. I've been talking on line to a couple in Northern Va. that were supposed to fly down last Friday and can't get another flight until this Friday.

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    Our niece and nephew were stranded Saturday (Jet Blue, Aruba to Boston). Next flight available was Wednesday. To get back, they flew Insel Air from Aruba to Miami yesterday (Sunday) drove to Ft Myers, and flew Allegiant Air from Punta Gorda to Portsmouth NH. They arrived just minutes ago. Now they have to go to Boston to get their car.
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