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    Welcome Pack at the Airport

    I have read so much about "LOOK fo the welcome pack when you arrive" but not much more.

    Where should we be looking?

    im sure when I arrive I will be overwhelmed--will be looking for the crying room-- but dont want to overlook this welcome pack.

    Watching the aruba airlines site-- I see we will be arriving with many flights about the same time---the airport will be a madhouse come 3:30pm on Mondays.

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    You will see the "Crying Room" upstairs as you first exit the plane.

    After you go thru customs, you will get your luggage. After that as you leave the airport, there will be someone handing out the welcome packs.

    When you get to your hotel, get a book (Readers Digest size). It is very helpful and has a nice map of Aruba. There will also be some dining magazines. All are free and are in the lobby area.
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    Under a hut, walking Eagle Beach, lunch on the beach, Amstel Bright Beer on the beach, coffee in the morning on the beach, taking a dip in the sea,

    Thumbs up

    >>> "---the airport will be a madhouse come 3:30pm on Mondays."
    ----- Arriving in Aruba is usually a breeze since incoming tourists/passengers have their own hallways and you don't fight outgoing traffic like in the States. And if you are coming in on a Monday there will be less flights so no madhouse.
    Now when you leave Aruba it might be a madhouse.
    >>> "dont want to overlook this welcome pack."
    ----- After leaving the luggage area you will be heading out to the cab pickup area. There will be a sliding door. After the door someone is usually there handing out red bags. That is the welcome pack. If no one is there look around for a table with the red bags sitting on it. Just take one.
    Also at your resort there are usually 4 free tourist books with info, maps, coupons, things to do, tours, ........
    If you want to dine out look for the free book called "Menu".
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    "The crying room?" I like that.

    The only welcome pack is the "Little Switzerland" bag that is handed to you as you pass out of the secure zone on the way to land transfers at the airport. You can't miss it, there are sometimes 5 people trying to hand them to you.

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    Generally the ladies are there giving out the Little Switerland bag. Though there have been times when no one was (maybe taking a break). If no one is handing them out, just take one from their little stand.

    Booklet with coupons

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    we got ours from the Divi Tamarjin. VERY helpful maps and info.

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