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Thread: What does your spouse/significant other think about the forum

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    What does your spouse/significant other think about the forum

    I'm just curious, what do your spouses and significant others think about the time you spend on the forum? We have built these online relationships and share personal stories and experiences. Do you share things from the forum with them? Maybe you are both visitors here? What's their reaction?

    Here's my husband loves all of the Aruba advice we have found from the forum, but that's where it ends. He often rolls his eyes or gives me a hard time when I start my story with "someone on the forum today..." While we have both enjoyed meeting a few forum members in person, his general thought is that he doesn't like to make plans on vacation so meeting up is not on the top of his to-do list.

    What's your experience?
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    My wife is pretty supportive as long as it does not cut into family time around the house. My wife was also very into meeting one of my forum friends last trip. It was great meeting up with Jacki and her family, we both enjoyed it. That said, she is amazed at the amount of time I can spend thinking, posting and talking about Aruba, lol.
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    Tom is usually on his Ipad playing Texas Holdum while I'm on the forum posting. He has no interest in posting but enjoys what everyone has to say. We've met up with forum members a few times at the Amsterdam Manor Beach Bar but sometimes it's hard to pull yourself away from the beach.

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    Well, since another forum member just alerted me to a major drop in airfares that saved us $160+ for our upcoming trip, I'd say she's thrilled.

    We've gotten a lot of good advice and recommendations for restaurants, etc. here that have made our trips better. She has no complaints.

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    My fiancÚ does the same thing Tracey! When I tell him about the forum it's usually starts as "the guy from Toronto whose bought a house in Aruba... (Act1966) and I get "keep dreaming" when I show him Aruba4evers pictures from the Ritz. We are all inclusive travelers.. So it's cool to read how the other half lives.

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    Dh rolls his eyeballs as well !!! He will listen to my stories from the forum though. He will also ask about any new restaurants that may have opened since our last visit but that is where his interest stops....
    I still follow the forum whether posting or not and if I start to type (his desk is beside mine) and its in the evening he knows I am probably posting me those eyeballs and then goes back to what ever game his was playing on his computer !!!!!

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    DW enjoys what I share..... but she is a foreigner to the forum.

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    Aruba since 1979
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    my dh enjoys the forum, but cannot type to save his soul.......(he had a nice lady at raytheon during his tenure that did it all of him)
    so he reads, makes an occasional comment to me.
    he absolutely does not enjoy the amsterdam manor meet and greets as it interferes with cocktail hour at whichever resort we are staying at, that being said he has enjoyed them a few times.

    we have met some wonderful folks thru this forum.

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    Since Rich & I met online he realizes how real my forum friends are He's even met a few in person! I don't usually spend much time on the forum on the weeknights or weekends - just too busy running around with kids so he doesn't feel like the forum interferes with life.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    In the pool.
    The Spouse thinks I'm an adult with imaginary friends.

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