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Thread: What Makes us so Passionate about Aruba and Aruba Related Things?

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    What Makes us so Passionate about Aruba and Aruba Related Things?

    Sometimes I feel that I should as passionate about my country, state, city or neighborhood as I am about Aruba.

    Your thoughts?

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    Interesting thought. I'm pretty complacent about Canada and, at times, irritated with it but there are very few places in the world that I would alternatively live having tried out quite a few regions of the world. Aruba being one, France being the other.

    Aruba because of the weather, plain and simple but everything just "clicks" for us there. Peaceful. France because I have a genetic connection and the wine, food and culture are firing on all cylinders.

    "Passionate" may not be the right word for how I feel about Aruba. "Attuned" might be a better way to describe it for me.

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    There is something about Aruba that brings out the best in me. I am happiest when I am with my family in Aruba. If I could be anywhere right this second, I would be in Aruba. Why? Because the island brings me so much happiness. The island is beautiful, the people AMAZING. I smile when I read peoples posts, I smile when I read my old posts...Aruba just makes me smile and relaxed.

    Aruba makes me appreciate things I typically don't appreciate. An example is there is a MONSTER size painting at the Ritz that is for sale of Malmok Beach and its just breathtaking- I would love to have that in my home so I can start each morning with a smile as I walk into my living room area- I just need to get them to reduce the price, lol. I am not one to appreciate art, but there is something about Aruba that makes me appreciate anything to do with Aruba, including art I can't afford.

    I am easily more social in Aruba than I am at home in Boston. I always talk with strangers, at home not so much, unless you are wearing an Aruba shirt. We were out to dinner the other night as a family and I noticed the gentleman next to us was wearing an Aruba shirt, so I said I love your shirt...we chatted about Aruba for a few minutes and I smiled.

    I think some of the best friends are the friends I have on the island. They are amazing and I can't wait till they come and visit me in the states. I don't invite anyone to stay with me...but my friends from Aruba have an open invitation to my spare bedroom anytime they want to come to the states. My best friend in Aruba and his wonderful wife will be taking me up on the offer of our spare room and will be coming in December and I can't wait. In the states I invite to my home for dinner and drinks but look forward to you leaving 4 or 5 hours after you came, lol.

    The island is special for me in so many ways. We went for the first time June, 1996 for our honeymoon and fell in love with the island. We think Aruba is so special we are renewing our vows on the beach this summer to celebrate 20 years. We will have friends from home and our Aruba friends, it will make our renewal a truly perfect day, in a perfect place.

    Those are a few of the reasons why I love Aruba so much and so passionate.
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    Aruba is my escape from the day to day stress of work and every day life. I think about the colors of Palm Beach. I think about watching the island wake up in the mornings. It reminds me why I work so hard. Why Aruba and not somewhere else, for me it's probably that I don't have a lot of other places I've been with all positive experiences, from the cab drivers to the service workers to the tour guides, everyone seems to genuinely want you to enjoy their home. We can't say that here. Living and working close to DC, we often see tourists as a hassle or pain when they get lost on our roads or have trouble on our metro, or walk too slow around our city. That never happens in Aruba.
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    Any beach!!
    Aruba gives me peace of mind. It's the place where I can really relax. It's an escape.

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    It's our peaceful escape. Where everything else gets left behind.


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    All of the above & more! My city, state, country is my everyday. Aruba is where I have no troubles, responsibilities (other than my kids of course) no bills to pay other than my family's entertainment, No stress. Aruba is where the people are warm, the weather beautiful and the beer is cold!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    I don't feel bad about not being as passionate about my state, city etc. otherwise Aruba would not be so special to me. Next to Aruba my next passion and loyalty is with the Boston Red Sox Aruba is a place where I believe you can leave everything else in the world on hold and just relax. I too have many friends in Aruba who I cannot wait to see each year. My best friend at home is a timeshare owner in Aruba that is how we met, he overheard us talking about our first trip years ago and now we love to talk all things Aruba and I am now his unofficial travel agent and book his flight every year I believe the lovely people of Aruba is a large part of its beauty besides of course the beaches. I too get excited when I see anyone wearing Aruba apparel and always have to start a conversion with them, last time at Fenway I saw quite a few Aruba shirts being worn.

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    everywhere and anywhere
    I think that most Arubans are inviting and certainly willing to let us come and hang on their island to enjoy its weather, hospitality, friendliness, charm and culture.
    I take advantage of it every time we go and am amazed at how "at home" I feel from the minute I climb off the plane. I check with family at home to make sure all is well with our animals but leave every other worry at home. I love this country (USA) but feel so drawn to Aruba that I can not even try to explain it to my family and friends because they think I am crazy. my forum family, you all understand the feelings I have about our home away from home and I never feel stupid expressing it........So, now with that said I will look at my calendar and count the days till the plane takes off again......154...too long !!!!!

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    Anywhere where I can see the turquoise-blue ocean
    Aruba ~ to get lost in time, complete relaxation and dive into a different world which, at the same time, seems so familiar. I love to explore and capture Aruba's beauty with my camera. The objects are endless: stunning sunsets, crashing waves, Aruba's landmarks, architecture, a small rock or shell on the beach, flowers, trees, iguanas... so many big and small treasures. And the people who touched my heart, sharing conversations, laughter and smiles.

    To live in the moment. To stand still. To take in all the beauty. To take the time to actually listen and to see.

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