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Thread: What Makes us so Passionate about Aruba and Aruba Related Things?

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    Aruba stimulates pleasure centers of my brain. I don't know exactly, but it's the sounds, feel, and views. You wouldn't guess that 19,000 ft mountain peaks exist just 275 miles S and SW. Maybe that has something to do with its beautiful and consistent weather.

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    In the pool.
    It's all the Guatemala-ness...

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    ahhh the guatemala-ness. love it hahahahaha
    and speaking of estrogen rockettes......i miss the drag queen show at the old royal cabana show room

    yes of all aruba related things........the drag queen show made me the most passionate (see i try to find a way to keep on topic)
    Quote Originally Posted by act1966 View Post
    It's all the Guatemala-ness...

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