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Thread: What touristy things do you bypass?

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    Aruba since 1979
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    i posted your question in the Culinary section
    and will give my opinion shortly
    Quote Originally Posted by apple51 View Post
    What restaurant due you prefer not fancy but have great food newbies arriving Saturday

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    No Shopping
    No donkey farm, sorry not in aruba for visiting donkey's, would never happen!!
    No butterfly farm, same as donkey post.
    No 4x4 to natural bridge
    No timeshare presentations, time on the beach taken away, never, don't need gifts..
    No snorkeling with big guns. no watersports, jet ski, tubing etc..

    My ideal time is spending days on the beach, with friends, guests and local.
    Walking palm Beach, stopping for a cold beer when walking for exercise. lol
    Dinner's, sure have our favorite restaurants, but we just go with the moment..
    Hanging with the guys at our favorite watering hole.

    Last and most importantly spending as much time with my gorgeous wife, she really is..
    Love hanging with her, we have fun, I'm a very lucky man...

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    We don't do the touristy thing very much at all at this point. Last trip was an exception because our friend we met on the island insisted he take us to the zoo one morning, it was fun and my son loved it. Our days are typically like this with my 6yr old on our last 4 trips, soon to be 5 (he has no idea how lucky he is)

    Breakfast- Marriott lobby for egg sand, coffee and donuts for the twerp (healthy I know)
    Am- Pool/Walk the beach
    Lunch at Madero by the pool
    afternoon- pool/beach/shop/ or go to the arcade with my son a couple days.
    5:30- drinks and relax on balcony as we get ready for night
    6:15 head out for an early dinner at one of the great restaurants in Aruba (assuming we leave the ritz- not often these days)
    8:30- Son watches TV and wife goes to gamble as I sip a drink, post on these sites and enjoy the fresh breeze sitting on the balcony
    10-3am I gamble as my wife relaxes and goes to sleep early

    9am- the next morning it starts again, press repeat for anywhere from 6-12 nights. I need a vacation to recover from my vacation, lol.

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    Anywhere where I can see the turquoise-blue ocean
    The one touristy thing I really would not do:

    Going on a ride on a Banana boat, or this red rubber boat/seat thing or whatever it is.

    The rest:

    You might hear soon by listening to my conversation with Curt/Burghboy when the Podcast interview comes out.

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    everywhere and anywhere
    Every year I say I am NOT going to do the touristy thing, but every year we end up with someone new that wants to see everything and Dh does the...Michele (me) loves to tour, she will take, every year I do the touristy thing !!!!
    Someday I am going to go and not have a newbie with me and then.....geez, I probably will be so confused I will do the touristy thing because I don't know what else to do !!!! hahahahah....
    But, I love to go to Ayo rock formations and walk around, not sure snorkeling counts as touristy, but we go up to boca catalina and snorkel the whole way down to where the catamaran boats stop, love to ride the back side of the island in a jeep with no roof so I get toasted...(use sunscreen, tons of it), hit natural pool and natural bridge, gold ruins, baby beach, quadirikiri cave, bachelor beach (for great sea urchin shells,,,,shhhh its a secret) and of course stop at any and every bar we see for an ice cold Amstel Bright !!!!!!

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    We've been there, done that with the touristy things and quite frankly are over it. This time we will be there for 3 weeks and we have no plans to visit anywhere other than the grocery store and our favorite restaurants and bars. For the first time in several years we will not be renting a car. If we need to get around we will use the bus and we hope to hear back from Bully and use A1 taxi service. This trip will be all about why we went to Aruba in the first place, lazy days on the beach or by the pool and to just get away from it all. No additional family or friends to shuttle around, entertain and plan for, just the two of us. I can't wait.

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    The Pearl at Eagle Beach
    We stay a little inland and skip the resort stay intirely. We might visit one for food/beverage or a brief stop at a casino.


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    After 16 and 21 years respectively, we've pretty much done everything touristy that we want to do.
    The only constant tourist activity we do (that we can't do at home) is horseback riding.
    Big city life doesn't really lend to that, so that's the one thing we still and will always do.

    There is the requisite shopping trip downtown, though I think that's more of an excuse for me to hit the rib joint at the end of the trolley line.
    Yay Baby Back Ribs!!!

    At any rate, our time in paradise is pretty much beach, music and relaxation.
    Someone said it before me, but the truth is, it's where the Lady and I continue to fall in love on a yearly basis.
    The PERFECT recharge for us.
    Mr. Ratt
    "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got..."
    Aruba.... May 12, 2018... 3pm at the Tamarijn, see you there.

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    Rennaissance private island
    We tend to skip most of the crowded areas in the high rise. We avoid all crowded beaches and definitely have never gone out early to reserve a palapa. Of course we only stay downtown or at a bed and breakfast, so those are easy.
    The heck with a countdown calendar, we're in Aruba until May 27!!!!!

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    Interesting question.

    We've skipped the jewelry and other tourist stores for years. Downtown can be fun to walk around but with this new parking thing we'll probably skip it altogether unless we decide to hop on the bus. Same for Palm Beach - other than Bugaloe, a "must-do", we've seen most of what we wish to see and do there.

    We've passed on many of the established restaurants that everyone mentions ad nauseum and have looked for new finds. Last two times we greatly enjoyed Bavaria, Arubaville, and Pinchos. We might be back to all three, they were that good, especially Bavaria.


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