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Thread: What's the Chance?

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    What's the Chance?

    So I went to the mall today. I finally get out the exit and of course I realize I have at least 4 or 5 light changes before I'll get through. I look up and there use to be a Sheraton there but now its the "Renaissance". I got nostalgic. Then the DJ on the radio is talking about being the whatever person to call in and guess what she says? if you're the "whatever" person to call, you can a win a free week's stay at the Renaissance in Aruba. I'm staring at the Renaissance Hotel in front of me, she is talking about winning a free trip to Aruba to stay at the Renaissance. I called my husband, told him and he said I think someone wants us to head back to Aruba. LOL. What do you think? Should I call the airlines, lol.

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    My vote..... YUP!

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    Your husband should have been the second call....that is after u called the radio show and won, lol..

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    I second the YUP!

    those commercials are killing me - hear them all day long!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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