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Thread: Wheelchair Accessiblity

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    pool side with my kindle in one hand and a Malibu + pineapple in the other :O)

    Question Wheelchair Accessiblity

    Hello Delightful Forum Members :0)

    DH & I will be returning to Aruba in December 2014 and are hoping that my brother and his wife will be able to join us.
    My brother (a firefighter) was paralyzed from the waist down in an arson fire in 2010 and I am hoping this trip will be an opportunity for us to spoil them both a bit. I am trying to do some research to maximize the joy and minimize the aggravation as applies to accessibility.

    Noting that ADA requirements aren't a given internationally, any observations or experiences you have had with regard to wheelchair accessible activities, restaurants, etc. would be greatly appreciated! He is very strong, capable and independent, loves to swim, and loathes to be pushed or carried...

    We have reserved rooms at La Cabana through our timeshare and requested one of the ones with a roll-in shower, but haven't been able to confirm we have one booked. Admittedly some of the other resorts seem to have better suited accommodations, but La Cabana is what we can afford due to our timeshare... so we are hoping it will work!

    This community has been a wealth of information on all sorts of topics and I always appreciate and enjoy your insights!
    Thanks, Jen
    Countdown to One Happy Island =

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    Aruba since 1979
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    check out the above facebook link this company provides (rents?) beach wheelchairs.

    it is my understanding that the American owned resorts on Aruba, when they do renovations, they do abide by the ADA.

    unfortunately, the laCabana using Bluegreen points will not guarantee a handicap accessible shower.
    also too, the pool does not have 0 entry or a handicap lift.

    my parents were both handicapped (polio and both had crutches and leg braces).
    they were very proud and hated to ask assistance.
    things were tough in the usa, even up til about 5 year ago.
    thank goodness for your brother the ADA has cleared many hurdles.

    Many restaurants in aruba are wheelchair accessible.
    Many casinos too!

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    Reniassance Island & Surf Club Lazy River
    I am far from an expert on accessibility but just wanted to wish you a fab vacation and offer a few observations from my 19 visits...

    One area that I am familiar with is the Renaissance Marketplace Mall. There are many restaurants that are really good and could offer you some nice entertainment for an evening. Dinning at CILO, Hung Paradise, Cuba Cooking, or Casa a Tua are all great. You could take in a movie at the theatre, have coffee at Starbucks and ice cream at Hagen Daz. Starbucks has wifi
    All on one level, nicely paved and plenty of seating. There are a few shops, not a lot, but it's also fun to park yourself in a seat and prople watch. Cabs come and go in the area often. Very easy to navigate.
    if I think of anything else I will post again

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Because they were able to guarantee our travel agent at MCM Tours that we would have a handicap room, we stayed at the Tamarijn with my wheelchair bound grandmother. If you would like to see photos of the bathroom including roll in shower please let me know. I can also give you the contact info for a private duty nurse if needed. She can assist with anything you need including hygiene.

    Otherwise, from my research I wrote the following article, hopefully some of it will help.

    Aruba Resorts While Traveling With Disabilities

    Having a grandmother who traveled to Aruba up to the age of 99, I know this information on Aruba resort vacations with disabilities will be useful to anyone with special needs. Though not comprehensive, it will get you started on your research. Contact each resort individually for specifics and availability. We did not book a handicap room until the resort guaranteed we would have a handciap room as oppossed to just accepting the request and telling us it would be based upon availability.

    Travelers with Disabilities

    Details on hotel facilities for the physically challenged are available through the reservations staff. Room reservations are on a special request basis and are subject to availability. Wheelchairs are not available at hotels. Seeing-eye dogs are generally allowed, with proper documentation. Below are resorts with special facilities and amenities for the disabled:

    Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Aruba
    2 wheelchair accessible rooms (standard category)
    2 ADA rooms (comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act) on ground floor with good pool access.

    Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino
    One disabled room - Garden view, King bed.
    Resort is wheelchair accessible.

    Divi Village
    One building with elevator and ramps
    One unit with wheelchair accessible doorway

    Divi Dutch Village
    Request a ground floor room for wheelchair accessibility

    Divi & Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive Resorts
    Each resort has one ground floor room with two queen beds. Roll-in shower, grab rails, special height toilet and light switches in bathroom.

    Radisson Aruba Resort
    6 rooms on ground floor with bath rails and wheelchair accessible doorways.
    2 of these rooms also have roll-in showers.

    Occidental Grand Aruba
    3 wheelchair accessible rooms with roll-in shower

    The Mill Resort & Suites
    1 wheelchair accessible room on ground floor. Special bath chair and railings in shower. Travelers Disabilities

    Includes includes information on resort facilities as well as medical equipment rentals.

    References to beach wheelchairs on the island. I would definitely verify this information directly with the resort(s).

    Reference to June 15, 2005 visit

    "Aruba Marriot Resort ... Marriot has a beach wheelchair and we found it to be a well kept secret. After a lot of persuasion and insistence, we managed to get them to dig it out of the storage where it has been kept. We met at least three of their guests who were delighted to find out about the beach wheelchair since someone in their group needed it to be together with the rest of them at the beach. The lobby, the restaurants, and the casino have wheelchair accessibility. The public rest rooms and the guest bathrooms have raised toilets with grab bars. According to their manager who showed us around, they do not have any roll-in showers. Nor do they have hand held shower heads "

    Frommer's Portable Aruba, Bonaire, & Curacao, 5th Edition Tips for Travelers with Disabilities
    Reference to beach wheelchair at the Costa Linda Resort.

    Hyatt Regency Aruba Hotel- Accessibility ADA Devices

    Adapted Happy Wheels Provides Products for Vacationers With Special Needs

    Various companies on Aruba offer products that cater to the disabled. Adding to its line of such products, Adapted Happy Wheels offers the Roll-A-Ramp. This easy-to-assemble aluminum ramp is very resistant and can be rolled up and stored. It gives persons with limited physical mobility accessibility in a practical and faster way. The ramp can be bought or leased on a short or long term.

    Mobi Mat is designed for foot traffic as well as vehicle traffic in sensitive areas such as sand and beaches, lakes and parks, hotels and resorts, and other natural sites. It is a portable and removable rollout access pathway that can be used for pedestrians, disabled persons, wheelchair users, strollers, bicycles and vehicles including ATVs, golf carts, maintenance and emergency trucks. Made of super resistance plastic, it is highly recommended for hotels and persons who want to go with a wheelchair on sand. The mat can be bought or leased for a long or short term.

    The Mobi-Chair is a high quality, amphibious beach wheelchair that provides its user with a seamless transition from boardwalk-to beach-to water, high maneuverability and the ability to float persons up to 300 lbs. It provides a one-of-a-kind experience for those individuals with disabilities who have never before been able to go into the water. The Mobi-Chair can be assembled or disassembled within two minutes and can fit quite easily into the back of an SUV or large trunk

    All these products are available at Adapted Happy Wheels, via e-mail or on Facebook. Story courtesy of The Morning News

    Lite Life Medicab provides professional door-to-door, including airport transfers, medical transportation to those in need of wheelchair and specialized transportation. Family members may ride along at no charge when desired capped at a maximum of five persons.

    Handicap Facilities at Queen Beatrix International Airport
    The airport meets all the requirements of the ADA (American Disabilities Act).
    Restrooms and waiting rooms at the airport are including within the standards of the Act.
    Contact your airline in advance to advise them of any special needs for arrival and/or departure.

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    Aruba since 1979
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    awesome lisa!
    this is from

    i was extremely disappointed that when lacabana did their huge renovation, they only did a few of the units with roll in showers.
    i am wondering about the renaissance marina tower as they just finished a huge room renovation…………in the next few weeks the ocean suites will begin their renovations..i hope they do a better job at providing access than lacabana.

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    Here are some things I have seen that might help. There are handicap palapas on the beach at Costa Linda. They have a walkway all the way to them. I don't know if they have any at La Cabana as we have not stayed there. There is a sidewalk from the Holiday Inn all the way to the Westin along the beach that would be easy for him to navigate. Several bars, shops and restaurants along the way. The Radisson casino has an elevator from the lobby for easy access. The Westin has several restaurants on the ground floor also a nice beach front restaurant called the Terrace that is accessible. I believe it is only open from 11 to 4. They also have an elevator to the casino floor. There is a very good Chinese restaurant across from the high rise hotels called J H Yees. It is on the second floor above the Hard Rock, but there is an elevator inside the building, under the escalator for easy access. The pools at Costa Linda and Playa Linda have zero entry. Matthews restaurant at Casa Del Mar has a ramp. Excellent for breakfast and dinner beachfront. I think The Paddock, downtown has a ramp too. Someone may be able to confirm that. It is right on the harbor and the food is good. I hope he enjoys his visit

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    Any Aruba beach...
    The Amsterdam Manor has a handicap palapa as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
    The Amsterdam Manor has a handicap palapa as well.
    Hello! Jen here - I had to borrow my husband's log in to post a reply... I updated my e-mail address on here right after making this post and and have been stuck between "check your e-mail" and "already registered" ever since. I sent a "please help" to the link in the confirmation e-mail. Here's hoping they untangle me soon.

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you all so much for the wealth of information!

    I can hardly believe it , but we will be arriving this Sunday 3/2 - and are bringing 2 of our nieces for their graduation presents (both have completed high school and technical college in rapid succession.) I hope to take lots on photos and notes in preparation for the possibility that my brother will want to join us in December.

    We've booked Hubert for airport pickup, Ivan for a tour, Bully for airport return, and ArubaBob for a snorkel. I am so excited to share my (our) favorite place with them!

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