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Thread: When do you get home?

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    Buffer days...absolutely! Altho my DH is retired, I need the buffer day(s) to get my head straight and back to reality.

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    Just like Act1966 my return is often at the Mercy of the airlines. In this case Suriname Airways and Insel Air and the days when they have a scheduled service from Curacao(where I have to connect) to Trinidad. Those days being Sundays(Suriname Airways) Tuesdays(Suriname Airways and Insel), Thursdays( Suriname Airways and Insel), and Saturdays(Insel, but that seems to be every other week for some reason). Insel has flights on Mondays and Wednesdays, however those involve spending the night on either Curacao or Paramaribo Suriname.

    For my last trip at the end of seven days I returned on a Thursday night, and still had six working days of vacation left before I was due to return back to work. Originally I had planned to spend two weeks on Aruba and have one working day and the weekend before returning to work.

    My last day on Aruba is normally spent doing laundry, checking in with the airline for my return flight, doing my best not too feel super depressed about leaving Aruba. Luckily for my last trip my friend Darlene and her daughters drove up from San Nicholas to have one last dinner with me before my departure the following morning. Being in their company helped to take the edge off the feelings of sadness over leaving.

    Fingers crossed that one of these trips there will be a direct service between T&T and Aruba, that way I could have more time on Aruba, instead of loosing time in transist/while connecting through Curacao.

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    We own week #20 and rent a unit in week #21, Sunday to Sunday, luckily Memorial Day falls on the Monday at the end of our trip alot of the time, if not it's right back to work. But either way it's OK with us after an awesome two weeks in Aruba. Jet Blue flight typically gets into Boston late afternoon so it's not too bad of a re-adjustment, worst part for me is wearing long pants and work boots again.

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    My wife likes a day to relax when we return. I would rather trade the day to relax at home for an extra day in Aruba anytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aruba4ever View Post
    My wife likes a day to relax when we return. I would rather trade the day to relax at home for an extra day in Aruba anytime.
    That's how we feel which is why we don't have a buffer upon return. We like to use ALL of our allotted annual vacation time for trips (Aruba and other destinations) throughout the year. Although, I think if we didn't have the option of working from home we might be more inclined to use a buffer day here or there after some of our trips depending on what time our return flight arrived. On most trips we take we usually have a decent arrival time back home but the Aruba flight is always late (11pm) - just happy we're only a 15 minute taxi ride from the airport to our house.
    ~Amy~® - 35th trip to Aruba: New Years Eve 2017/2018 -- South Beach, FL: Feb. 2018 -- Zihuatanejo, MX: March 2018 -- Sedona, AZ: April/May 2018 -- Ireland: June/July 2018 -- 36th trip to Aruba: Sept. 2018

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    Buffer!? WE don't need no stinking' buffer!

    We have traveled on Sundays historically and went back to work on Monday morning. Not ideal but not bad either.

    We have the choice of several flights each way and choose the later flight to Aruba so we arrive mid-afternoon and can check in right away. On the way home we prefer the flight around Noon rather than the late afternoon flight as we get home at a more reasonable hour (6:00PM vs. 9:00PM).

    We all figure out what works best for us.

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    I usually get the early flight to and the late flight from Aruba. We get back to our house after midnight on return day. So I have to leave a buffer day before returning to work. Ideally we fly back on Wednesday night and I return to work on Friday to catch up. Some years we've returned on the weekend and going back to a 5 day work week almost killed me.

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    First time we went to Aruba.. I went to work the same night. OMG !! never again. Thank goodness I was chosen to babysit one person who slept all night.
    Since I work Friday through Sunday.. we usually leave on either Monday am (just getting off of work) or Tuesday and return on a Tuesday. It gives me a few days off.

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    We drive 4 hours if the weather is cooperating from a city in Northern Ontario to Toronto. We stay overnight there, then take the first plane out in the morning. On our way back we usually fly in on a Sat night, stay in Toronto then drive home on the Sunday. This year we are only staying 10 days so will have several days to visit our elderly parents on the way back. Will miss the extra Aruba time this year, but still am grateful to go!

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    We usually travel home on Sundays.
    We always get home with a buffer day for DH – he works 6am to 2pm and gets less than optimal sleep on a regular basis.
    I work 9am to 530pm and don’t accrue as much vacation as DH, so I usually drag myself into the office on Monday (even though we generally get home from the airport around midnight.)
    I am currently negotiating with my boss for a work from home day on either end of our next trip :O)

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