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Thread: Where are the singles?

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    Where are the singles?

    Just returned from Aruba - my first visit, and it sure won't be the last!

    I'm a single male traveler (age 43), and I noticed that just about everyone
    at the Palace and Antillas were couples.

    Is there a particular resort that tends to attract more of a single crowd?
    Maybe I went at the wrong time? (early December, 2015).

    I'm not looking to party with 20 and 30 somethings, I prefer the company of
    other mature travelers.

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    Interesting question.

    We have a few single travelers on the board. I'm sure they will chime in soon
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Anywhere where I can see the turquoise-blue ocean
    My guess would be: Palm Beach area where lots of action is. Like water sports, kite surfing ect.

    I would also think there is MoomBa bar, Paseo Herencia, Hard Rock Cafe etc.

    I have also noticed that single travelers or younger couples stay at the smaller apartment complexes, it might be more budget friendly and give the feeling to be in the Caribbean, it's more cozy, IMO.

    Those are just my observations. Would be nice to see what other board members think.

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    Eagle Beach, Baby Beach, Arashi Beach Tierra Del Sol golf course
    Some of those couples or groups may have been singles. 5 single ladies from a local restaurant here went down for the first time in November for a week and stayed at RIU. They really enjoyed it and plan to go back.

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    I've made two trips on my own, both of which occurred in 2014, my experiences with the single scene on Aruba is somewhat limited, still working up to venturing out the night life portion for my next trip in 2016( looking at a two week stay). I'm lucky in the sense that I knew two locals from FB who I met up with to hang out and stuff. As for accommodations I stayed at La Cabana and really enjoyed my stay there, unfortunately I was limited in my movements due to my being on the receiving end of a vehicular accident and only discovered Happy Hour the evening before I was due to return home. You can also try signing up to go on one of the tours and manage to strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you or with your group. Then there is the Kukoo Kunuku, where it starts off with everyone being all reserved and quiet; till they get a few drinks in them, inhibitions are shed and everyone starts whooping and partying it up like they've been friends for a long time. There a limitless options when it comes to being a single person visiting Aruba.
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