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    Where for USA Election Coverage

    Anyone have plans or ideas for watching the USA elections returns (other than in your room). I am drawing a blank on where to watch some of the returns with several friends. We are bunch of 50-somethings (of mixed preferences) that want to semi-watch the results, but still have some fun since we've all taken a no cheering, no whining vow. Thanks in advance.
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    I don't know any hotel bar that doesn't have a TV. Since most tourists are Americans, I'm sure they will be showing the elections.

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    Sorry to say ,but we will be on Aruba for the election,will I be watching the returns........I DON'T THINK SO..... Yes we did vote.I voted for the one that has the woman running mate.Great choices

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    No mattter who wins, I am sure that it will be widely covered on the Island's TVs, which carry many U.S. channels.

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    UGH, this whole election has been horrible, I am not happy with that.If I was on vacation I would not watch it at all... Who ever wins is not a winner.....I am also not happy with the stock market, the red sox....hope things get a little cheerier...cindyo

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