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    will SIM card kiosk at airport be open at 8:30PM?

    I'm arriving tomorrow night at 8:06PM and want to buy a SIM card for my phone (AT&T Samsung phone that I just got unlocked). Will I be able to buy a SIM card at the airport? I think someone wrote about ordering one in advance and picking it up inside the terminal, or that there was a kiosk outside the terminal ... is that right, and is one better than the other?

    Also, I've seen people post here that your phone needs to be quad-band ... my phone is only listed as dual band (Samsung SGH-A117) but I see lots of people online unlocking it and using it overseas. Is there a way to verify if it will work in Aruba with the SIM cards I can buy there?


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    call your carrier and ask them to unlock your phone. they will provide you with the instructions to unlock it. just tell them you're going abroad and would like to use a local SIM to make calls. SETAR does have a kiosk at the airport terminal, however, i'm not sure if they're opened at that time.

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    I think I remember that the kioski's at the airport close at 8 pm.

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    From Digicel

    GSM Mobile Technology operates on three frequency levels - 900 MHz, ... Dual band means that your phone will work on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency levels. ...

    Check on your phone to see if you have 1800 or 900 Mhz .

    I think North America works on 850/1900
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    I have setar as my phone company here, I like them. Its .29 a min to call the states and .41 to .51 to call local, after 7pm you get a discount also. I know the setar opens at 9am in airport and i want to say closes at 6pm. If your phone does not work you can always buy a prepay one from setar for around 69florin.

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