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    11 months old

    Thanks everyone for your responses.
    Life is funny in NYC, especially on Broad Street. Aruba is my cure!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-Man View Post
    I would like to go back to Aruba with my 6 month old son. Thinking of going in July, so he would be 11 months old then.
    Any recommended places to stay? We used to stay at Bucuti twice we were in Aruba, but now priorities have changed and would like to find accomodations that can better suit a child. We were looking at Hyatt since it looks like couple of visitors with young kids stayed there and posted positive comments.
    Also, I don't remember seeing any children stores in Aruba, I might have missed, I would like to avoid carrying diapers and baby food from NY, hoping to buy it there. Anyone knows if these are available and where?
    Let me know

    Wherever you decide to stay try getting a ground level room. When I purchased my timeshare at the Renaissance I kept the children in mind. Now we walk out our room to the beach and pool and can easily walk right back into the room for changings and feedinds. We always brought diaper, wipes, formula and jarred food with us.

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    i deleted a few of the last posts.
    these posts did nothing other than to lead to remarks being passed that were inappropriate on this thread.

    note from the rules and i quote
    "Have respect for other opinions. If you disagree with someone, do not attack them personally. Try to make thoughtful comments about their opinion, perspective, assumptions, etc., but do not attack them personally. Everyone has an opinion based on a number of different factors, like their own personal experiences, values, etc. If someone disagrees with you, it is probably because they value one thing more than another. Attacking them does nothing but create anger and resentment. Discussing the values and perspective that underlies their opinions may increase your understanding and it may encourage them to see your perspective as well. Personal attacks are the tools of someone who probably doesn’t have a very good point to make, or of someone who holds a belief that has no foundation in reasoned thought. "

    so, if there is a problem, please reead the rules before you post and then take into consideration that folks do have feelings and words do hurt.


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