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Thread: baby gear rentals

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    baby gear rentals

    does anyone know if there is a place on the island to rent baby gear (jogger stroller)?
    Thank you

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    Baby beach, lighthouse, the whole stretch of beach
    I don't know if there is a place to rent a jogging stroller, but we went in December with our 3 year old son and 11 month old daughter and brought ours. It was great because you can take it right up to the gate and then they put it in the plane--there's no extra charge either. As soon as you get off the plane, your stroller is waiting for you. It was the best thing we could have done because when it was time for our daughter's naps, we would walk her up and down the beach and then she would sleep for about 2 hours each time, while we were able to get some rays and relax. Definitely take yours if you can't find a place to rent one.

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    I'm not sure if this will catch on, but you can also use a ring sling or any other cloth carrier for that matter too... given of course that your ds/dd is not too heavy... I'm a total babywearing nut so yeah... I read about strollers and I cringe.. but that's just me, it's a fun option, I like that my older son whose 1 y and 3 months gets to explore the plants and scenery at the same height as me...and be kissable at all times, if only I could get him to stop being too afraid of the water.

    If you are here and don't have a carrier made of cloth, you can get one locally there are a few local options: Arawak Mums makes them locally.
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