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Thread: Cheap day trips

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    Cheap day trips

    What are the places for cheap day trips ?

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    Arikok Antilla Natural pool
    Flights to Bonaire or Curacao are about the only day trips you can book from Aruba.

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    a nice day trip would be to pack up ad head to Baby Beach for a day of snorkeling............a car rental would be good.

    an inexpensive venture could also include a 2 -4 hr island tour that may or may not include a stop for some snorkeling at baby beach.
    contact cerry or bully
    cerry is cyrilio croes on this site
    bully is taxidriver

    i recommend both of these guys!

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    What are the places for cheap day trips ?

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    molmok eagle beach
    pack a cooler and head off early to malmok or arashi to snorkel....maybe pack up a picnic and head out to the rougher side of the island....the views are amazing.

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