Hi Moniku,
Wasn't it so difficult finally finding baby a comfy diaper? I found them by coincidence, as Armelle was premature and I could only find the Swaddlers Newborn in that line to fit her, everything else was so big. I celebrated the day she graduated to a larger size and now, I truly believe in miracles and the grace of God, as she is bouncing healthy and will be two next month. A few minor challenges, but the really large ones are no more. No autism, no learning disabilities, we are happy.
Kong Hing, Ling and Sons and Superfood (in the same two block area with Certified) also have the Cruisers, but not always have the size. We have never been without!

With a "special" I meant like a weekly/monthly special price on products. The store is "Certified" and it has also a huge sign that says True Value (it's a big supermarket with various departments).

You will be just fine with food. The cereals, the fruit and veggies, all here, even the munchies. Armelle loves the fruit bars and those little crunchie fingerfood snacks. Certified has those too, I also get them from Ling and Sons - nice selection.

Good luck, let me know if you need anything else checked before you travel. You can also PM me if you need to know in a rush.

FOR AIR POPPING and congestions, drinking during up and down is great, plus here the pediatrician recommended a few drops of the simple saline solution I use for Armelle when she has stuffed nose and it has helped thus far.