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Thread: Favorite SPF brand for little ones? mosquitoes?

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    Favorite SPF brand for little ones? mosquitoes?

    I have a toddler (19 months old) and I don't usually use SPF during the summer in NY. We've been to Antigua and would only apply once in the sun since we stayed shaded most of the time.

    However, reading all the comments of how hot the sun is, what is your favorite/recommended brand for little people? I have used Mustela, but it is really thick and pasty.

    What about mosquitoes? Is that a problem on the island (or only in particular areas?) and what would you use? I've only used Avon skin-so-soft in the past.

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    My favorite is Banana Boat Baby Tear Free. My kids always end up wiping their arms and hands across their eyes and the regular baby blocks always make their eyes burn and water. The tear free is great! Also you will have to apply more than once a day in Aruba - the sun is VERY strong. Even applying several times, my little ones have turned a little pink. In my experience do not use the spray on - it is hard to use in Aruba due to the wind, plus it does not offer coverage for as long as the creams.

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    for kids i recommend Panama Jack Eco Friendly
    very thick
    and stays on all day

    almost zinc oxide like

    the spray on stuff has an alcohol propellant
    and is very drying.

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