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Thread: flotation for 4 year old

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    flotation for 4 year old

    3 weeks til vaca!!
    So it is crunch time and we are still trying to figure out the best flotation device for our 4 year old. She does not have the whole swimming concept down yet, but she can kick and is starting to figure out the arm thing. Anyhoo- arm floaties are easy, but it really is a pain for her to have her arms all out like that. We got this "aqua coach" skill school vest which fits nicer until she gets in the water and the thing is waaay all up in her crotch and cuts her under the arms. We have a pfd, but that is so bulky to pack. Anyone have any great ideas? Thanks ahead of time!

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    My kids used those "bubbles" that they taught in at the YMCA. They look like abubble that have a belted buckle that goes around their waist...Andrea, our swim teacher instructor should have some other good ideas....

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    My son had a swimsuit made by stearns life jackets that was a coast guard aproved life jacket . He never had a problem with comfort and unlike some of the cheaper swim suits he never tiped over or stugled to stay upright You can go to thier web site and buy direct and they have a couple of differnt ones long sleave short sleave ect.

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    i cannot recommend any types of flotation devices.

    i have seen the full 1 piece swim suits that have the floats that slip in like tubes. it makes the kids float upright (vertically) like a cork.

    the arm floats (swimmees) are very dangerous.
    the swim bubbles tend to tip the user forward and should only be worn during certain types of swim lessons.

    wish i could be helpful but i do not recommend of any type of flotation.

    you may want to check the site

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    We were actually just in Aruba with our 4 year old who is also just learning to swim. She used one of those "bubbles". It's called a Water Gear Back Float and it's the same one they use at YMCA. In addition, she used a noodle. If you can pack one with you, do that. We paid $10 for ours that we purchased at the hotel.

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