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Thread: Infants with diapers NOT allowed in pool at Costa Linda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    pretty much
    and if you want to be as anal as I. go to a pool supply store and buy a small basic pool or hot tub test kit.
    the instructions are simple
    test the water yourself.

    if chlorine is lower than ideal stay out
    if ph is off the chart high or low stay out
    LOL I'm anal like you are Andrea, from my inspecting days!!! I do carry a test kit with me when I'm in questionable places

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    anal hahahahahahaha very appropriate word for this topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzymrslizzy View Post
    LOL I'm anal like you are Andrea, from my inspecting days!!! I do carry a test kit with me when I'm in questionable places

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    Ecoli causes death not just illness.

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda VH View Post
    Because, if the swim diaper fails then they must close the pool, drain it, clean it and reopen which can take a week. Today at the pool I saw a Father wade in with his child - this is the second time I've seen the same man stopped by security and told he can't be in there. I'm sure he thinks it's a silly rule but..... just imagine not being able to use the pool at your resort/hotel because of this.

    It's not a matter of civil rights. It's a matter of public safety. It's far more important for everyone to be able to use the pool than for everyone not to be able to use the pool because a selfish parent chose to introduce a child in diapers into the pool.

    There's no faster way to get masses of people ill than with ecoli bacteria in the water. The ecoli gets into your eyes, enters your ear canal, your lungs and in general, is highly dangerous if not fatal.

    The baby can be taken anywhere else on the property, it does not have to be in the general pool. To insist on placing a diapered infant or toddler in the pool is a way for the parent to let everyone know that he or she does not care about public health. Instead, that he or she is more interested in his or her personal convenience. The baby really couldn't care less where it played as long as it is enjoying the parent's company.
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    Research (University of Georgia) has shown that swim diapers "significantly reduced the amount of fecal bacteria entering pool water, even with diarrhea". That being said the article I read also said that no child with diarrhea should go into a pool and, as I mentioned earlier, that recently potty-trained children may be at risk for accidents.

    Andrea already pointed out that there is no escaping some amount of fecal material in a public pool. The use of swim diapers, when allowed, doesn't make a parent selfish. Purposely ignoring the rules of the pool makes anyone selfish.
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    What about a baby playing in the pool makes a parent selfish?

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