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Thread: Recommendations needed for family's 1st trip to Aruba

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    Recommendations needed for family's 1st trip to Aruba

    I am so excited that we will be going to Aruba in July with my 3 kids, ages 7,5, and 9 months. We are staying at the surf club and will have a full kitchen (thank goodness.) I have been studying all of your posts.
    I would definitely love some recommendations from others that have traveled with young children.
    I am trying decide on how much to bring. I need formula, diapers, and wipes. I figured I would pack these thing just in case Lings does not have the one we need.
    I am also planning on bringing breakfast foods, snacks, juice boxes, mac and cheese, and apple sauce. I am not sure about the cold items. My sons like cream cheese on rolls. Can I find that at Lings? I also need Lactose free milk. I did email Lings but did not get a response.
    I also though about making chicken cutlets, freezing them and packing them for the kids. I would hate to spend big $$$ on meals for the kids that they don't eat. Has anyone ever brought frozen veggies down with them?

    Thank you for your help!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    A lot of good info on packing and bringing food to Aruba. I always try to remind folks to just check with your airline as to weight limitations and extra fees on baggage. Also, if you take a cooler full of food, check as to any special limitations they may have on that as well. Better to be safe and prepared than an unexpected surprise at the airport.

    Packing food

    Bringing frozen meat to Aruba

    Infants in Aruba

    Lactose Free Milk

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    Arubalisa- Thank you so much! I have alot of reading to do!
    I just emailed Bully for our airport transfers.
    Now just counting down the days.

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    YES to cream cheese, lactose free milk, applesauce.

    LINGS rarely answers emails.

    welcome to the forum!

    i always bring frozen prepared meals.

    do not freeze cheese!

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