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Thread: Safe to bring 3 month old to Aruba?

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    If your baby don't have any ailment that might be aggravated by heat, go. You need not bring your pedia along anyway.

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    Suppose if the baby has colic--- and taking that flight---arghhh

    I wouldnt buy flights now until 100% sure we could go--

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    personally, i wouldn't take a 3 month old on an airplane simply for the dicsomfort of holding it for 5 hours and the nightmarish possibility that it will cry non-stop. also, i'd be reluctant to expose a newborn to the recycled air in the cabin. but that's just me. also, aruba may be a little too hot for a newborn - especially out on the beach where the sun is reflected off the sand. i can't imagine how much you'd be able to enjoy yourself while caring for the baby. but all the power to you if you manage to pull it off!

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    Long Time Aruba Vacationer

    My wife and I have travelled to Aruba every year since 1999, sometime twice a year. We have a 3 year daughter who has been there 3 times, with the 1st time when she was 8 months old. No issues, just use common sense, keep the little ones out of the direct sun. We are scheduled to go in August 2009, with a future addition to our family, who will be almost 3 months old and our 3 yr old. We always bring the grand parents who are more than happy to pitch in and help.

    Go for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krmlaw View Post
    We are thinking of travelling down over Thanksgiving this year. Our child will be 3 months old at that time. From what the state department tells me, Aruban medical facilities are up to "US standards".

    Im wondering other parents thoughts on travelling with a 3 months old to Aruba. Ill be breast feeding, if that makes a difference.

    We went to Aruba November 2004 and my grandson was 4 months old at the time and he did fine. Of course, we didn't keep him out in the heat much, and when we did have him outside we kept a hat on him and kept him shaded.

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