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Thread: Single mom visiting with 2 kids

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    Red face Single mom visiting with 2 kids

    Hi everyone. I have been lurking on this website now for about a month - having a fun time reading all of your posts. I am a single mom heading to Aruba for the first time next week with my 2 daughters - 8 and 10. We are staying at LaCabana for 10 days through Bluegreen. I've been reading lots of good tips from all of you regarding restaurants, etc. I'm wondering if you think the snorkel trips are worthwhile? They seem a bit expensive, but if they are worth it, we will sign up. Aruba sounds like a safe island which is why I chose it - we are planning on taking the bus which seems safe. Also, if anyone can suggest other fun activities we can do that are not too expensive, that would be great. It is currently 14 below zero here. We are counting the days until we get to "meet" Aruba - looks great!!

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    Hurry up and sign up for Jolly Pirates, the most funnest (If that's a word) snorkel tour.

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    Our favorite place on the island, is the great beach at the Boca Grandi. The water is the best, and its very quiet.


    A suggestion....Don't plan to much in advance. There are so many fun things to do on the wonderful island of Auruba....You will recieve all knds of liturature about things to do when you arrive at the airport and your resort.... Have s great trip to PARADISE,,,,,,,

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    Plan nothing other than beach and pool.
    Then as the days progress, maybe a trip to the butterfly farm, the donkey sanctuary, the ostrich farm. All of those places are pretty reasonably priced.
    A round or 2 of miniature golf over at Adventure Golf is fun for the kids.
    There's a bowling alley near the texaco roundabout.

    My guess is that the kids will be very happy playig on the beach and participating in lacabana's kid club activities you won't need much other activities.

    I 2nd Byran's "must do" Jolly Pirate tour.
    There will be coupons in the bag you will receive at the airport.


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    I agree with the other posters. Do not plan much in advance, once you get there you may realize that rather than spending extra $$$ you have everything you need right at the resort. With high season here right now though, I WOULD book the JP's online for their discount to ensure that you get a reservation.

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