We visited Morgan's Island this week, with my Armelle (3, free admittance) and my friend Jenny and her Daryn (7) and the girls had a ball.

Armelle, who loves her bubble bath, but hates getting her hair wet, enjoyed the 0 to 7 year section, in the end trying out the mini turtle slide by herself (although mommy had to catch her), going in the larger slide with Daryn and wetting her hair at the spouts, laughing and giggling.

Needless to say Daryn soon crossed over to the more grown up part of Morgan's Island and had the best afternoon ever! She can't wait to come to Aruba again to go the park.

Lockers, we did not use, cost but $2 and they will hold a $10 deposit for the key.

Food, we did not even go near, so I can't give a report.

Next, we must try De Palm Island. It's on our list of "tourist adventures to try out"