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Thread: Week 53 this year

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    Week 53 this year

    For those that are traveling for the holidays have you checked out the addition of week 53....
    This has changed our travel dates with a shift forward. Typically we travel the day after Christmas, now we have to rethink the whole plane tickets, Surf/Renaissance stays and who's coming and who's not.

    Our ownership of 52 and 1 entitles us to a week 53 but we aren't prepared to stay 3 weeks. Surf reservations are 13 months out... Needs real "thinking out".

    Heads up to everyone!!

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    At Costa Linda weeks 1 to 4.But you are right.Our week one starts Jan 6th(friday).A lot of folks cannot stay the 2nd to the 7th so they rent out the nights.
    From Marblehead ma.Every Jan stay at Costa Linda.For last 20 years.

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