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Thread: Anyone know anyone with pull at the Divi Village?

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    Anyone know anyone with pull at the Divi Village?

    I'm going next weekend and my wife broke her dang ankle and I need to ask for a floor unit since our regular unit is on the 3rd floor and that's going to be tough on her.
    I sent an email to 2 different people there, Maureen and Garrit and I haven't heard back yet so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas?

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    Not us personally, but I have heard of others being assisted, with anything having to do with any of the Divi properties, by calling US/Canada: 1-800-554-2008

    Surely seems like a reasonable enough request.

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    I'd called the above number earlier this week and they said that they couldn't help me with getting my two rooms near each other. They told me either email ( or calling the resort would be the best way.

    I ended up emailing and straightened things out that way, though it took a few days.

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