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Thread: Best "special" ever!!

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    Best "special" ever!!

    I saw this on Thursday on the Chelsea Lately show and had
    to check it out myself - it looks like the real deal.

    Call it selective marketing, call it tasteless, or call it effective PRŚwhatever it is, the Westin Aruba's new conception credit offer is an eye-grabber: The resort is offering a $300 credit toward a future stay for couples who conceive a child at the resort. Interested couples must book and stay between now and December 19, and supply a doctor's note confirming the conception took place at the resort.


    Only in Aruba!!

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    how can they "difinitively prove" it?
    hahaha a doctor's's arrive when they want.
    so if a child is born a week or 2 early or a week or 2 late i bet the westin would balk.

    my son was born 20 days "early" yup a 11lb 8 oz preemie with a full head of hair and long fingernails dr. said oops we miscalculated. like duh!!!

    all i can say is "go for it and see if you get your $300" :-)

    new saying instead of "one happy island" "one happy babymaking resort" ?


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