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Thread: Club Arias?

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    palm beach, mangel halto for snorkling
    Sorry but I miss understood you about Kat. She also stayes there but looks like we were talking about 2 different Kats.
    Snorkel Mangel Halto, day or night with a waterscooter. Check out our website. E-mail Stuart at or call Stuart local: 745-7459 Or visit: 50th trip Dec 11, 2017

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    Anywhere the ocean meets the land
    Thanks for the scoop.
    My Kat is my wife Katherine. We both fell in love with Aruba 12 years ago and have been back every year since, sometimes 2x a year. But Aruba has changed so much and has been so Americanized with the collossal Marriott structure and the mall on palm beach. This past visit 3/30/12 thru 4/13/12 we really saw the island from a new perspective concentrating on the local restaurants and spending time in savanetta and just soaking in the local flare. When I saw aria I was really transfixed with the idea of trying a new location off the beaten path.

    I will take you up on your offer to converse via email.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Quote Originally Posted by kent View Post
    The best snorkel spot on the Island is only 4 minutes away and there is a small beach there to hang out.
    By any chance, would you have any photos of the beach ?

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    1. Eagle Beach 2. Baby Beach 3. Natural Pool
    My Wife and I needed 1 night after our timeshare reservation and stayed there. We had a wonderful time, the place is very Kent mentioned they have rooms that will accommodate families.

    Arias also offers a Rhino tour that is awesome, you drive Rhino vehicles through the park making stops. We left at 6am watched the sunrise and then went to the natural pool. We had the natural pool to ourselves! When other's starting showing up we moved on with the rest of our tour.

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    i have been by that section of beach lisa and i think it is a stretch calling it beach.

    one kind of has to make their way thru a tree area (mangroves?)

    many folks have found that the parking there is an open invitation for car break ins.

    the snorkeling might be fabulous when the currents are weak, but the beach and swimming area are really nothing to write home about.

    QUOTE=Arubalisa;223081]By any chance, would you have any photos of the beach ?
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