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Thread: Divi Beach and Golf Resort

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    Divi Beach and Golf Resort

    Has anyone stayed at Divi Golf and Beach resort? If so do you know the rooms that have a private hot tub on the deck. I have read several reviews about the rooms but have yet seen how to get one. We are going on time share points for our honeymoon and would like to get everything out of the resort that we can. A private hot tub sounds amazing. Anyway if you have any tips about this resort then please feel free to post any and all comments about it. Also this is the 2nd resort we are staying at. The first is Divi phoenix. We are staying at each for a week. Any advise on either would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Matt & Kelly (soon to be Stiefel)

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    It is the penthouses which have the jacuzzi. There is more info at

    Also be aware those units are the golf villas as opposed to the Divi Village. The Divi Village is closer to the beach.

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    i wouldnt go to crazy trying to get one of the units with a rooftop jacuzzi. no view, less than sanitary, others may use it while you are sleeping/out etc. the temperture was very hot and didnt feel that great on my sun burnt feet. stayed there for a week in february and only my toes made it in. more than one person staying in those units commented about finding used condoms in and around their rooftop jacuzzi.

    sounds awesome, however, our reality was a bit different.

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    Divi Golf

    Hi, There are several units that have hot tubs on the top deck. All of the building around the infinity pool are set up that way. I agree with Lisa. This is not as desireable as it sounds.

    If you are really looking for a private hot tub on your huge deck with real privacy, I would suggest renting a 3 bedroom unit at Costa Linda. They are huge units (you could always lock it off and rent out the back part). The deck is larger than most units in Aruba. They have a private hot tub which is cleaned every day. It is emptied each week and refilled between tenants. The deck also has a built in BBQ and enough tables and chairs for 8 guests.

    These units sit oceanfront and the views are incredible. They have been completely redone with granite counters, gorgeous baths, new furniture.

    If you have any questions, let me know. You don't want to rent from the resort directly but from a private owner.

    Mary Alice

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    Smile Divi Phoenix

    We stayed at the Divi Phoenix for 4 days last May (2011) Uhm AWESOME! Beautiful ocean view in the Beach Tower. But I am going to let you in on a secret - the divi phoenix gives out Aruba Aloe Lotions for the guests (as part of the room for personal use).... ASK FOR EXTRA BOTTLES EVERY SINGLE DAY! Lol! Seriously its the best lotion ever and a 12 oz bottle is like $30 online and you cannot find it anywhere else besides the island!
    Also make sure you get a Banana Mama (I dont like Banana but its the best drink ever) at the swim up bar and make convo with Jude (he is the Bartender)...he is so funny - even if you arent buzzing off your drink! You made an excellent choice with the Phoenix because you dont have to cross the road to get to the beach. You just take the elevator down and walk out to the white sand! Have fun and snorkel for me!

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    Nice read..

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