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Thread: Divi Pheonix Timeshare or War Zone

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    Divi Pheonix Timeshare or War Zone

    Just returned from the War Zone known as the Divi Pheonix 3/15/09 - 3/22/09. We rented a very nice 1 bedroom unit in building 6. As nice as the room was, the place looks like a War Zone. Construction everywhere. Front / parking lot, poolside, inside the building, even saw 1 patio on the 1st floor being finished while the owner sat there. Dust, styrafoam covering the pool, dirt, workers, noise, just BAD. If you are an owner, and I am not, I would have screamed to the mountain tops looking for compensation, for what was truly an interupted week. If you have a week coming up in the near future, I would see what can be done prior to heading down there.

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    everybody whats upgrades,but not on there watch.something we all have to deal with

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    saw that myself

    That was a mess there for sure. Good thing is that they hired a new contractor to finish the building. the last guy is in jail down there for not paying the workers!!!!

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    We just got back last night and are wondering if you was at the same place??? yes, there is construction going on, not much noise, some tiny styrofoam peices blowing around but the workers are right there cleaning up. the 4 new buildings look like they are coming along great, all the buildings were being used. we talked with new owners in the buildings and all were happy. The kids pool is not open, the other two are and are beautiful. They had happy hour everyday at the new swim up bar, the new resturant was supposed to open today. we did not her one complaint from anyone there the whole week. This was our 8th time there in our timeshare and wouldn't give it up for anything. Like it was said above, if you want improvements and growth there will be some things that you will have to deal with. We thought that they are doing a great job with the new buildings, plus in our units in the villa's all had new bathrooms and new sliding glass doors and some new furniture. We love it there, if it's not for you, go someplace else!

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