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Thread: Divi Phoenix Old Tower

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    Divi Phoenix Old Tower

    I have reserved a studio in the old tower, 5th floor, of the Divi Phoenix. Anyone have anything to report as to how the rooms are? Will be traveling with two boys, 5 and 10. Would you recommend this resort for kids. I'm worried about reports I have read about the old tower being just that, old and musty!

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    Phoeix original tower

    Hi, I don't find the original tower to be old and musty. It has the same furniture as the new buildings. The bathrooms and kitchens are not as stunning as the new buildings but neither is the rental rate.

    Keep in mind that the studios are ony 1 large room. It has a small kitchen, then a small table and 2 chairs. A queen bed and a sofa bed. The balcony is at the end of the room.

    The boys will have a great time. Plenty to do for them.

    Mary Alice

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