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Thread: Divi Phoenix- updated pictures

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    Divi Phoenix- updated pictures

    Hi all,

    Just came back last week from the Phoenix, and the new area is mostly in use and looking great! I posted some pictures to the gallery, and here's a link to all my pictures (I think the photos of the new Phoenix area are toward the end).

    I was impressed with the number of huts ("chickies," "palapas," or whatever else you call them). I think that they are making sure that nothing will be too crowded. They said they will eventually clean up the beach in front of the new units, but since not many people were staying the new units yet, neither the new huts nor that beach were used much at all.

    We stayed in the "old" Villas. Our bathrooms and sliding doors were recently redone, and the new bathrooms are great! Granite counters, jacuzzi tubs...). I also heard they were putting in new feathertop bedding.

    Any questions, let me know, and if you're heading to the Phoenix, you're in for a treat!. :-)

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    Tryed to access you photos but couldn't get in.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Kyster007 photos

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