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Thread: Divi Village Renovations

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    Divi Village Renovations

    Has anyone heard how the renovations are going at The Divi Village Building "B" maybe if someone has stayed there recently can let me know. Thanks.
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    I stayed in the golf villas in Feb. I heard the lady checking us in tell another tenant which buildings were in the process of being renovated. I called the main reservation line (in North Carolina) recently and asked them which buildings were done but they had no idea. You could probably check with the people at Divi Village directly.

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    I own in building C and if I read correctly A and B were going to be done first, then C and D...funny though, they expect renovations to be done next year, but they way they do things there I would not expect it anytime soon.....even though they tacked on an additonal 383 to my 2 bedroom and 283 to my studio...which they say they will take back off in the next 2 then they will say its inflation and probably add more to it......oh, sorry, there I go again on my soapbox....just kills me that I have to pay for the renovation to something I pay a fee for anyway and don't own it to boot !!!!!
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