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Thread: How are Timeshare Sales executed ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonebal View Post
    Have always received great info on this website in the past and thank you.
    I want to buy a week at one of the Marriott timeshares.
    How do I find a resale listing on line?
    Also, I am looking to rent for a week late Feb.2011 or first week in March,can anyone help?
    I believe Marriott will share listings from current Ocean Club and Surf Club owners looking to sell directly - no Marriott or 3rd party fees that way.

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    You can try to buy on Ebay. Also, good information available on Timeshare Users Group website. Portion of that site is free, or you can join for $10 per year. That site is very informative.

    Marriott is trying to transition to a point system and there is a lot of discussion on how this will affect exchanges. If you are buying in Aruba to use, then you don't have to worry about exchanges.

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    I didn't know eBay sell timeshares too. But I heard more negative things about timeshares compared to positive sides of it.

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