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    Is it possible to go over ti RCI instead of Interval? I was just looking on their website and found a large 1 bedroom at the Divi golf and beach resort 2 weeks ago. I will be going August 21-28th. I had no problem . I would check into RCI. You have better luck if you keep checking the websites. They never use to call me at Interval so I joined RCI. Good Luck!

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    Just a note. I read these earlier today and was also waiting for an exchange through Interval. I have always had really wonderful service from them so I wasn't too worried...until I read your concerns so I decided to check it out. I went on the site and found a room available just a few days off from my request. I was able to get that room and really glad I took the extra peek!
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    yes me too, never get a good exchnage. I have just wasted deposits. Not going to renew again. Just going to rent it out myself.

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    I check every day online-Do not wait for Interval to call you.

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