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Thread: Looking for small apartment near Madame Janette

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    Looking for small apartment near Madame Janette

    Hi all I've booked to stay out toward smaller Janette and my family are planning on coming over to visit. Any ideas where I could try xxx

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    click apartments once the page opens

    you also might want to have them consider renting a timeshare.
    there are some that rent out for less than $800 p week (especially in the fall...from labor day till week before christmas)

    check out the timeshare category on this site

    also too

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    1 nice apartment,
    Situated in Kukwisastraat 28 E ponton (Le Mirage).One bedroom, bathroom, living room and kichen fully equipped. 1 time a week do the apartment clean. water, cable, electricity, internet and gas is included.
    electricity (AC) excluided
    1.350 florin per month plus deposit. in Dolars 771.45

    Tel : 7471267 / 5823322

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