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Thread: Manchebo Distance to Activities/Adventures

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    Manchebo Distance to Activities/Adventures

    1st - Hello to all!!
    2nd - I AM GOING TO ARUBA!!!

    I have decided to take my parents to Aruba as a christmas gift, and of course I have a few questions! While reading several threads/posts I was very intruiged by the comments & reviews of the beach at the Manchebo Beach Resort, I know I am def doing AI as that is more convinient for us, but I want to know if Manchebo is walking distance from ArubaBob, and tour guides/activities.

    We love to walk, and would rather not take a car! Also, for transportation to & from the hotel/airport would it be less expensive to take a taxi or a bus?

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    Any Aruba beach...


    Welcome to the forum.

    If you were looking for accommodations within walking distance of activities, you would want to stay on Palm beach.

    Resorts offering all inclusive on Palm beach:

    Marriott (seasonally only)
    Riu- 4 star all inclusive only
    Holiday Inn- all inclusive optional
    Radisson- offers a variety of meal and beverage plans

    More info

    I was under the impression that ArubaBob provided transportation. They snorkel Mangel Halto which is not walkable from either Manchebo or worse, Palm beach. It is very far south.
    Many tour excursions provide pickup/drop off service.

    Round trip for 4 people, a taxi is going to be most reasonable. Lots of info

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    according to kent, arubabob snorkel adventure does provide transportation.
    as far as i know, most if not all organized tour excursions provide pick up and drop off.

    jam, welcome to the community forum
    and your parents are very lucky!

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