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Thread: Marriott Surf Club

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    Marriott Surf Club

    We booked this time at the Marriott Surf Club due to the fact that we needed a two bedroom and Lacabana-where we normally stay didnt have a 2-bed on Interval International. We have not stayed at the Marriott before and wondered how others like or dislike.


    We stayed at Playa Linda once and we didnt care for the pool area or the beach very much. It was very mucky in the water. Hoping the beach at the Marriott is better.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    There is a good amount of Surf Club info in the threads here

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    natural pool
    We love the surf club property is beautiful....

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    We have stayed at both and yes, the surf is very very nice. We also wanted a 2 bedroom at Lacabana but could not get one through Interval. We have grown to be more comfortable at Lacabana due to Eagle beach where you can spread out and there always seems to be something going on at the Pata Pata bar. We ended up grabbing 2 seperate one bedrooms on the Lacabana website (rentals), just so we could stay there. But you will love the surf!

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