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Thread: More People Looking To Rent Out Than Rent?

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    More People Looking To Rent Out Than Rent?

    Hello. For many years before buying two resale weeks in Aruba, I rented from owners, mostly using the vacationtimesharerentals website. I visited during different weeks of the year and considered myself lucky to find a unit for less than $1,200 for a week.

    Now that I am offering a week to rent for even less than $1,000 for a week, on the same website above as well as many other locations (yahoo user groups, etc.), I must say that I am very suprised that I have not received multiple offers. Instead, the yahoo forums come back with email after email from other people looking to rent out their week, and one man wants to give his timeshare away to someone who will pay the transfer fee and the maintenance fee due this month.

    Is it that the economy is still so bad that people can't afford to take a vacation, even at such a low weekly rental rate?

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    there is a glut of timeshares for rent.

    it is not only the economy it is the expensive airfare.

    situations change and some folks cannot get to aruba.

    economy, airprices, health, children etc....
    so many factors.

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    Join red week and post on that for rentals.

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