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Thread: Surfside Marina Experiences?

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    Surfside Marina Experiences?

    I posted this in the hotels section but got no replies. I am hoping posting here will help..

    Surfside Marina Experiences?
    We have always stayed at the Renaissance but the past 2 years have definitely left a lot to be desired so we are looking at other options. We love being downtown and will rent a jeep to go to the out of the way beaches for snorkeling etc so I was looking at the Surfside Marina on the main road where Pincho's is. Anyone have any experience with this hotel? Pro's/Con's? This will be our 8th trip to Aruba so we dont need a big fancy hotel but a clean room and bathroom are crucial and the renaissance just isnt meeting that anymore.

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    I am sorry no one answered you until now. I haven't stayed at the Surfside Marina but remembered talking about it previously on this BB. Here is the link to where Surfside was discussed.
    I have never stayed there but have walked by it on my way to Pinchos. Looks well cared for. I like to go to and check out the pictures posted by visitors as that is usually a better indicator of what it looks like.

    Good luck! Hope this helps, too!

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