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Thread: Timeshare auctions on EBAY

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    It's definitely a "to each his own". My inlaws bought their TS years ago and like I said, they haven't missed a time using it and they have a minimum of 3 weeks with extra weeks they can use whenever. They love it. I could love it! I'd love a ts just to kind of guarantee I get a vacation!!! We want a bi-annual one though which we are finding is hard to come by. We would look at it as a "sanity investment" more than anything and that's worth a lot in our eyes.

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    sanity investment............priceless right!?!?!
    good term laura, love it!

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    We won a bid on ebay for a 1 bedroom timeshare and had no problems. Like others have said READ all the information and fine print. Yes- it was a great price-I was shocked that we won!!!

    TS has worked well for us. When we purchased our first unit many yrs. ago it was with the intend of going to Aruba every year-not an investment or to exchange-it has worked well and we have no regrets.

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