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Thread: True handicapped Accessibility

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    True handicapped Accessibility

    Am looking for a place that has true handicapped acessibility, preferably someplace where we could view parades from a balcony.

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    Welcome to the forum

    Travelers With Disabilities
    Details on hotel facilities for the physically challenged

    None of the these resorts will be on the parade route, however see this information

    Quote Originally Posted by taxidriver View Post
    There is a special place for wheelchairs users, this is a spot that is sponsored by a local bank and is situated in front of Pincho's. This area is closed with fences to protect the users and they even have security guards and is allocated only for special users. They usually even offer snacks and soft drinks. It can also be identified by the very big flags of the sponsor bank. So there is a place and it is not only for local people but for guests in wheelchair or handicaps.
    Though the info is from two years ago, if you contact taxidriver directly he can probably tell you whether this is a spot which is still used.

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