Aruba Beach

Rennaissance suites/timeshares...who's going soon?

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  1. jillianrn14
    If "soon" is defined May 20, 2011, than that's ME! Can't wait, 10th year and I LOVE Aruba. Always think if I win the lottery, my new home would definitely be Aruba-The Market Place was definitely trying to pick up its appearance in 2010, Starbucks opened and Casa Tua was renovating. Hope to see more eating opps as well.
  2. huffdaddy
    Vicki and I will be back on April 29th-May 13th, as well as our usual 3 weeks in November. We are bringing some new friends in May to introduce them to our paradise. Can't wait!
  3. moneytalks
    Heard that Cuba's Cookin' will be taking over the old Scandals site. That will be a big plus for the Marketplace. Hated to see Villa Germania go a few years ago, but then went to CILO last year for our first visit since they arrived and promptly forgot all about VG. Definitely a great addition to the Ren Marketplace.
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