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Rennaissance suites/timeshares...who's going soon?

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  1. cindyo
    Just decided to resurrect the Rennaissance Owners club site.

    Who's going soon ?
    We'll be there on Nov 6th and again in April.
    Looking forward to meeting Pierre( Qlaval) at the suites and Danadog. She'll be at the Divi.

    We would love updates/comments/adivse of whats going on at the suites and at the marketplace.
    Stop in and say HI if you are new....cindyo
  2. qlaval

    Will be there on October 29, just in time to tell all our friends there that the O are coming...

    Only 4 months to go...

  3. moneytalks
    We'll be there July 16th to 31st. Can't wait!
    I am so happy this site is up again. we just got back june 12th had a great time and really miss aruba after 1 month of rain and no sun in MA. every thing looked great at the ren alot of work being done at the marketplace. i'm sure it will be very nice.
  5. moneytalks
    As the thunder, lightening and rain pounds away again we are so happy to be escaping MA in 9 days... and people think we're crazy for vacationing in Aruba in the summer!!!
    you have to go to aruba if your from boston we are'nt having a summer here that's for sure. rain rain rain no sun to speak of at all. i'm ready to go back just for some warmth and sun. so moneytalks you soak up all that perfect weather and bring it back our summer is almost over
  7. Judy L
    Judy L
    What happened? I was a Rennaissance group member.Did I get deleated?Oh well I am back. Judy L
  8. larryb
    We will be there in January week # 3 for our first visit to the Renaissance. We are staying for two weeks as we just bought a week 4 at La Cabana Friday check in so we have back to back weeks in Aruba. Can't wait to go.
  9. huffdaddy
    Will be the October 30th for three awesome weeks. Can't wait. See you in a couple months, Pierre! You are in charge of a meeting place and time for the November arrivals.
  10. qlaval
    Sure. What about deciding the whole thing in the pool with a beer...
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